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Introducing Amazons Perth Dragon Boat Club


Team Highlights and What Memberís Say



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Amazons win Gold in Breast Cancer Survivorís 20s at the Australian Masters Games October 2015


...Itís great to win, but regardless of this, we are always winners, just by being at each regatta sharing laughs and fun.


 Ö Being an Amazon is about support, improvement, participation and opportunity.


 Ö Itís about promoting breast cancer awareness, having fun and making new friends.

 Ö Being a Supporter has opened my eyes to breast cancer issues.

 Ö Itís not just about the exercise; itís being part of a caring team that matters to me.


 ÖItís shown me that women can survive breast cancer and get on to really enjoy life.


 Ö To exercise, to be in a team, to talk about cancer, or not, itís just great to be with women who understand me.


silver medals geeelong

Amazons win Silver in theWomenís Masters 20s at the Australian Masters Games October 2013



Dragon boat paddling is the fastest growing team sport in the world, with over 35 different countries participating.


The boats are the world's largest flat water racing boats. A typical dragon boat holds up to 10 pairs of paddlers, a drummer and a sweep who steers the boat. Colourful, dynamic and exciting, dragon boat racing is full of spectacle and pageantry but above all else is fun!


Amazons Perth was founded in 2000. We are a member group of BCNA (Breast Cancer Network Australia) and cater for breast cancer survivors and supporters through dragon boat paddling.


We find the active, vigorous exercise of paddling enhances physical and emotional well being within a context of caring companionship.


Our name Amazon comes from ancient origins, but brings to mind the mythical Amazon Warrior women who had a breast removed to allow greater accuracy when shooting arrows. They were protective and loyal to each other and even when wounded would continue to battle on and never leave anyone behind. Thatís how our team operates. We care for each other and show that there is life after a breast cancer diagnosis. We have fun, and enjoy the challenge, camaraderie and exercise component of paddling regardless of age or ability.


In 1996, Dr. Don McKenzie, a Canadian Sports Physician set up a study comprising of breast cancer survivors. He wanted to show that strenuous, repetitive upper body activity improved physical and mental health of breast cancer survivors. He showed that dragon boat paddling was ideal for breast cancer patients whose active treatment had ended.
Paddling is:

  1. Non-weight-bearing Ė there is less risk of injury than weight bearing activities.
  2. Safe Ė good technique can develop muscle mass; improve bone density and cardiovascular strength.
  3. Suited to a wide variety of ages and athletic abilities Ė the stroke intensity can be varied.
  4. Psychologically positive as it is an exhilarating team sport that builds harmony and a sense of belonging.

Dragon boat racing for Pink Ladies has become a part of the world wide movement to raise cancer awareness and to better manage post-treatment for cancer survivors

Amazons Perth is committed to raising awareness of breast cancer whilst encouraging women to regain an active, adventurous life despite the physical limitation imposed by breast cancer surgery. Dragon boat racing is a remarkable diversion from the psychological impact of breast cancer whilst offering a social atmosphere for the team to train.

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